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Case study

Large Clean Tech Company Establishes Product Management Function and Ships High-Impact Software


The company had software that was custom-built for each client. With more clients lining up at the door for the product, a large opportunity was identified to make the company’s custom built software into a SaaS product.

Absence of a product management function
No clear roadmap for product development
Inconsistent communication between teams
Difficulty in delivering working software on time
What we did

Our Approach

Team Kick-offs and Foundations:
Swiftly integrate new team members and maintain momentum by optimizing team dynamics as you scale.
Customized Solutions Aligned with Our Offerings:

A) Product Management

  • Defined product problems and brainstormed solutions.
  • Set objectives and key results, mapped out customer journeys, and created story maps.
  • Assisted with backlog creation, ticket assignments, and sprint planning.
  • Created Job Descriptions, conducted interviews and staffed the product management organization
  • Created a Product Vision Narrative and User Persona’s to communicate with stakeholders

B) AI/Data Services:

  • Worked with Chief Innovation Officer to evaluate and prioritize hypothesis and develop an AI Roadmap
  • Conducted skill assessments and created hiring plans for the AI/ML team.
  • Documented customer data needs and designed a new data architecture.
  • Established processes for SDLC and MLOps.

C) Corporate Governance:

  • Established governance for visibility into product and client delivery
  • Established Rhythm of the Business
  • Established and implemented a standard set of document artifacts
  • Implemented controls processes for delivery improvements
The outcome

Results Delivered

Product & Governance:

  •  Delivered 2 large software updates on time, meeting customer requirements.
  • Created a comprehensive solution that reduced project delivery time by 75%.
  • Removed delivery bottlenecks and was able to double velocity of client delivery successfully in 1 quarter 
  • Deployed 1 major software release
  • Implemented Product Oriented Development (POD) organizational model
  • > 95% of team members understood the roadmap, their team’s goals, felt they were set up for success and were excited for the future

AI/Data Services

  • Implemented new data architecture, anomaly detection models, and predictive ML models while enhancing data analysis and visualization to meet contracted client requirements.


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