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At Abacus AI, we provide the tools required to harness the power of AI and deliver high impact products. Our focus is on fostering trust, confidence, and innovation within teams, educating them on complex topics, and empowering them to achieve exceptional outcomes.

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RBC Royal Bank
ATB Financial

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Who Its For

Transform Your Organization, No Matter the Challenge

Rapidly Growing Startups
Augment your growing team with AI Product Management expertise and an award winning Data Scientist to quickly scale.
Organizations in Transition
Learn the details required to build, nurture, and grow AI teams and ensure the future success of your company.
Companies Struggling to Deliver
Understand the gaps in process, team skillset, or roadmap. Abacus will fill these gaps and get your company delivering high impact products.
Innovation-Driven Businesses
Stay ahead of the competition with consistently high-performing AI teams that turn groundbreaking ideas into reality.
Who we are

With a highly skilled team, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of AI excellence.


With experience across various domains, our team members possess the knowledge, insight, and strategic thinking necessary to tackle the most complex challenges.

Mitchell Johnstone
Director of Strategy
Pavel Bondarev
Director of Data Science
Shelley Lineham
Product Executive
What we stand for

Our Process

Strengthen Teams, Deliver Results

Start with the Team
  • Behavioral assessments, team analysis 
  • Gap assessment and mitigation plan
  • Team onboarding acceleration
Drive Results, Accelerate Impact
A. Product Management:
  • Product Vision Storytelling
  • Roadmap Creation
  • Product Governance
  • Product Leadership
  • Product Operations (processes & tools)
  • Product Team for Hire - Full product lifecycle management
B. AI/Data Services:
  • AI Strategy Development
  • AI Product Vision Development
  • AI Product Discovery
  • AI Product Brainstorming and Feasibility Assessment
  • Executive AI Education (AI 101 for corporate teams)
  • AI Product Team for Hire - full data science lifecycle management
  • Product Management for MLOps - Get your models into production
C. Corporate Governance:
  • Delivery Health Assessments
  • Establish your rhythm of the business
  • Streamline and enhanced organizational communication
Ongoing Support
  • Mentorship and ongoing team coaching


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